Contribution to the Egyptian Economy We always make a difference with our Employees Engaging in 5 different sectors all over Egypt Investing in North Sinai is our achievement & Objective

Being a Real Estate developer was more than just constructing buildings but rather building communities and lives. This is clearly shown in Sama El Qahera project and its iconic location at the heart of Cairo with its residential, administrative & commercial buildings.
Also, these projects are not centralized in the capital only, but Sama Group owns a huge project in Luxor, one of the main touristic destinations under the name of Royal Valley Golf Club.
The group specializes in different fields such as; the Cement industry and the education sector (Sinai University – Capital International University).
Besides working in the furniture sector, and in the traveling sector (Sama International Travel).



Aiming to create multiple working opportunities in different fields while making an impactful presence.



Our investors believe in our vision to execute more projects in different fields to achieve profit and serve our community.

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